Reiki, an energy treatment

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Everything is vibration, everything in this world is composed of Energy. Energy is what vibrates and moves in us. It is in the physical body but also in our feelings, our words, our thoughts. Since everything is Energy, we can change everything, transform words into positive vibrations. We are all connected to each other. Reiki is a sacred word that is broken down into two parts: REI (Universal / Spirit / Essence) and KI (Energy of Life), the universal energy. This method comes from Mikao Usui (1865-1926),  who was a Japanese monk. After various researches, notably in ancient texts, and many meditations, he began to climb and stay at the summit of Mount Kurama. After 21 days of meditation and fasting, he received the initiatory knowledge of the symbols found in the ancient texts he had discovered before. Upon his return, he founded a REIKI clinic in Kyoto and began training people, including Chujiro Hayashi, who on the death of Mikao continued to teach. And it was thanks to Hawayo Takata, formed by Chujiro, that Reiki was exported to the West.

Reiki, energy care for all

Reiki can be applied to any living being (child, baby, teenager, adult, pregnant woman, plant, animal, person at the end of life). Reiki brings a lot of benefits on the physical level, but also emotional. For example, the care provided by Reiki brings relaxation, a harmonisation of your 7 main chakras, frees emotional blockages, restore self-confidence, soothe the ills of everyday life, and also help people close to death. This does not replace conventional medicine, but it deserves to be known and practiced.

There are different types of care in the Reiki Usui, such as: The complete energy treatment by laying on of hands all along the body. During the practice of Reiki, the practitioner connects to the source, which is different from the magnetiser that draws its own energy. The practitioner becomes a channel between the Energies of heaven and earth to transmit the care to the recipient. The recipient must agree to receive care for it to work. During the treatment, the vibratory rate of the recipient and donor increases. That is to say, we can capture a lot of energy, increase our ability to receive messages from the Source and improve our intuition. Reiki is a holistic method because it works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki gives courage during storms and tumult inside and outside that we undergo in the daily life. The soul heals of its sufferings, the light and the love enter the level of the chakra of the heart. There is often a connection to our interior, to ourselves who is left behind. All this so that our beautiful soul will rise and grow in spirituality. It’s a return to the Source.

What are the chakras?

Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. When harmonising the 7 chakras, Reiki will allow to reactivate these wheels inside you so that they can radiate. You will be rebalanced. These wheels (energy cones) receive, transform and distribute the subtle energy, also called prana, ki or chi depending on the country. Each chakra has a color, a word, a different associated name. It could also be described as living organs whose function is the transmission and regulation of energy between the different parts of the body, the earth and the universe.

Significance of the 7 important chakras: The root chakra (red) is KUNDALINI, it speaks of anchoring to the earth, we are connected via roots. It is located at the level of the perineum. The sacred chakra (orange) in the pubic area is the place of liberation of the joy of life and allows us to feel that life is beautiful. This is the place of creativity. The solar plexus chakra (yellow) is the seat of our emotions. The notion of courage appears. It manages our principles of balance and evolution.The heart chakra (green) is that of sharing, loving one’s neighbour and loving oneself. The throat chakra (blue) is that of the expression of self, speech, communication. It allows us to see life as a play where we are all actors. The third eye chakra (indigo) provides a better intuition. Forgiveness and compassion give the power to dispel, to transform the negative thoughts that inhabit our heart. The last chakra at the top of the head (purple) acts on the unity of our being. He is the seat of the fulfillment of man, he connects us to the divine essence.

The benefits of Reiki

By working on these chakras, we give ourselves the chance to live better, in unity with our true selves. To live in harmony, all our 7 chakras must be open and in synergy.

Reiki is within everyone’s reach. This life force accompanies us everywhere, helps us, helps our neighbours and our dear planet. It is by healing ourselves that we can help the world through our healing hands.

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