Light Body Activations

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Along with Reiki Attunements I also offer Light Body Attunements – a healing system I have personally channelled.

Light Body Activations are a series of wonderful attunements encouraging high level spiritual evolution in all of my clients that choose to work with them.  I use channelled sacred geometric patterns, codes and differing light rays to fine tune the chakra system and the aura.  The entire focus of the attunements is to empower clients to feel a greater connection to spirit, to love and ultimately to their divine centre.

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius this is the perfect time to tune in to all of the new energies available to us.  Life feels lighter and more open this year and these attunements are focused on giving everyone an opportunity to tune in more deeply to them and feel a great sense of progression and nurture from the universe leading to great feelings of inner truth, personal divinity and spiritual oneness.

We all have the opportunity to grow hugely this year and its time to engage!

Sessions last an hour and half and are channelled so that each client is individually fine-tuned to highest level that is right for them at that time.  Sessions are held in my Central London Clinics.

Its high level energy work, held in love and focused wholly on growth and evolution.

Life is as beautiful as we make it!

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