Reiki in the Workplace

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Having worked in the Corporate World for over 10 years I am fully aware of the stresses related to it. My career began in Public Relations and I then ran my own Event Management company for 6 years in Central London – very stressful indeed, but I loved it!

With this in mind I fully realise how precious time is and I set aside specific days each month to make sure I have the ability to visit clients that may not be able to come to either of my clinics in Primrose Hill or Marble Arch.

Once at their office treatments many clients will set aside a room for me for a day and either their top directors/employees or favourite clients will come for either a half an hour or full hour session and receive Reiki healing treatments at work.

Many clients have highlighted a great increase in the productivity of their workforce especially through the levels of joy and office cohesion it creates. I feel this works in two main ways:

1) It highlights to employees/clients that their well being is cared for

2) Combined with the health benefits of the Reiki many people find work rates improving, less sick days taken off and targets being beaten month on month.

Give me a call or email me to discuss how we could fit Reiki into your work day

The best contact number for me is:
07949 056 111

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