Crying during Reiki, what does it mean?

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very special practice, derived from oriental medicine. It was introduced by Mikao Usui. Literally, the word Reiki is composed of 2 Japanese kanji: “Rei” and “Ki”. Rei means “spirit,” while Ki means “energy.” A reiki session is subject to a very specific procedure. Before the session you will not be asked to undress. Reiki is not a practice that should be likened to a massage. During Reiki, the practitioner puts his hand on different areas of your body, to circulate the energies and release your body toxins and accumulated blockages.

Crying during Reiki

A reiki session is an experience that can be challenging, liberating, soothing, or overwhelming. We must not believe that only the patient is likely to be invaded by various emotions. The practitioner can also feel more or less strong emotions during a reiki session.
What is important to understand is that Reiki is supposed to bring out emotions, trauma, toxins and other blockages anchored in the patient’s body. During a session, the connection between the practitioner and the patient is very strong. People who are able to give reiki sessions have the ability to feel and absorb the emotions of others. Also, it is not surprising that the practitioner himself feels strong emotions during his session. Tears can even come to their eyes.

Tears during Reiki: Should we worry?

You recently had a reiki session from the inside, and you found yourself crying during or shortly after the session. Should we worry? On the contrary, crying during or after Reiki is a sign that the session was beneficial, and allowed you to free yourself from emotions and feelings that has been buried for a while. If you feel tears come up, do not try to repress them. On the contrary, let your emotions and your body express itself. Your body needs to free itself from certain traumas, and reiki is a particularly effective way to help it get rid of its blockages. Crying during reiki is therefore a sign that the session was particularly effective.

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