Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become an increasingly prevalent condition in modern life. Our lifestyles, working and eating habits have left many of my clients feeling imbalanced and this often manifests as a stressful, anxious outlook. My own experience of the corporate world was in both PR and Event Management two areas that can often be both very stressful and highly rewarding!

In the UK alone we lose £3.7 Billion per year to stress and stress related conditions and after working in the world of media for over 10 years I can fully understand why!

Reiki as a healing form looks to address these imbalances by working at the root cause of the individual issue. Often as a result this will mean clients facing a variety of lifestyle choices including a refocusing of energy into a more positive and productive way of being.

Rather than looking to numb the issue as is seen in many modern healing forms Reiki looks at the entire being – the holistic approach. Many clients have reported a great reduction in their levels of stress and anxiety, feelings of increased sense of wellbeing and have gone on to readdress many areas of their lives that they feel have been holding them back.

Reiki is a wonderful healing form if you are suffering from stress and anxiety.

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