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Insomnia affects millions of people in the UK each year and this is a condition that I have personally suffered from especially in my teenage years and in times of work related stress while working in town.

Insomnia has a huge effect on our levels of joy and wellbeing and can greatly reduce our ability to live a fulfilled and happy life. Along with food, love and physical health our sleeping patterns are of upmost importance.

Insomnia is often caused by imbalances in the body and in many cases due to levels of stress and anxiety. In many of my patients that suffer from insomnia these imbalances have led to an overactive mind and thus great difficulty in either getting to sleep or maintaining a healthy sleep pattern throughout the night.

Reiki will look to address these cerebral and physical imbalances so that the patient will feel a greater levels of calm and be in a better position to address the fears they have around sleep.

My favourite acronym for fear:

F – false
E – events
A – appearing
R – real
In our sessions we will look at the root causes of all of your stress related experiences and help you address these issues. As a result many patients have reported the wonderful feeling of being back in sync with their natural sleeping patterns and increased feelings of joy and empowerment.

The best contact number for me is:
07949 056 111

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