Physical Conditions

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Physical conditions, digestive disorders and immune system boosting

Reiki as a healing form is a channel of pure conscious energy – the building blocks of the universe.

Using this powerful energy (Chi) we can  focus light to heal and balance you emotionally, spiritually and also physically. Many clients have come to my practice complaining of physical ailments all across the board – from digestive disorders to low immunity and from headaches to back pain. The advantage of Reiki is that it doesn’t involve any numbing medication and can be used to look at the root cause of why these issues are occurring.

Many clients have reported great improvements in their physical wellbeing, issues have cleared up and along with physical improvements Reiki has had a complimentary beneficial effect on all areas of their lives including stress and anxiety reduction and a creating a greater sense of well being.

The best contact number for me is:
07949 056 111

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