What is traditional Reiki?

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What is traditional Reiki?

Combining relaxation with meditation by touch, this method helps you say goodbye to your invading thoughts or conflicting emotions. The only job of the patient is to lie on his back and let go. It is the practitioner who, thanks to the phenomenon of resonance, will place his hands on specific points of the body such as the head, knees, torso or feet. The practitioner then practices “secular” meditation as opposed to religious meditation, especially Buddhist, to help us enter into communion with ourselves.

The origins of Reiki

Reiki comes from Japan. It is a therapeutic technique used for millennia and rediscovered by Mikao Usui. We create energy movements in the body, without even touching it. Much like the reflex one has after a blow or injury to put one’s hand on the part of the body that is suffering, Reiki acts on a knot or tension, whether emotional or physical. For those who know how to exercise it, the hands activate an “inner light”.

Reiki, for whom?

As a general rule, everyone can practice traditional Reiki because it is simply a matter of freeing the body and mind of everyday tensions. This can range from simple lack of motivation to psychosomatic pain. As for the number of recommended reiki sessions to feel better, it obviously depends on the condition of the patient. Some will need only one session, while others will return as soon as a discomfort, even slight, is felt. Finally, patients will want to completely remove what the expert calls the “trigger of the evil”, that is to say, go back to the source of the hassle encountered, such as insomnia.

Reiki is particularly useful for unlocking bad energies such as stress, anxiety and all negative emotions or psychological disturbances. The goal? Relieve the mind and body. In Australia, for example, Reiki is used to accompany people at the end of life in hospitals. It will never be the same from one person to another since the practitioner adapts to each, which is why the effects will be different each time.

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