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What is Reiki Therapy?

To put it simply Reiki healing is the technique of eliminating energy from someone’s body using the hands of someone else. It’s not like a massage, in that there is rubbing or compressing of the muscle mass. It is a process where the Reiki therapist places their hands upon the client’s body until the energy leaves them. This entire process may last for a matter of minutes or a longer time. There isn’t any specified period for just how much time it ought to take to eliminate energy from specific parts of the body.

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Reiki Wellness and Joy

A staggering feeling of joy and wellbeing can overcome someone who has only just partaken in Reiki. Why would that be? It’s because Reiki healing helps the individual to focus on other areas of their day to day life. A person’s view of life tends to change as soon as they are calm and at peace. No longer do they have to struggle with the inner demons that progressively drain them of their energy. The strength to handle their ailments head-on is the reason Reiki healing gives most recipients a phenomenal feeling of joy and tranquility.

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