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Reiki draws on lots of ancient schools of learning and focuses on helping you to balance your chi energy and live a life that’s a lot more in flow and effective. A lot of my customers in London and the rest of the UK frequently inform me they are trying to find something to help them release their day to day anxieties and use Reiki as a method of reducing the results they are feeling from such busy ways of living. So, let’s have a deeper look at how this system works.

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Reiki Therapy for Insomnia

Those people who are under high degrees of stress or those who’ve got incapacitating health conditions, frequently have problems with insomnia. Reiki therapy will alleviate insomnia by targeting the principle causes. You see, the reason for sleeping disorders is not what you might think. In fact it comes down to the levels of energy in your body. You need help to remove and add the right energy. A skilled Reiki therapist can help you do exactly that. They will channel the energy to ensure that you’re able to get to sleep more easily.

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