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Reiki Therapy – What is It?

Reiki healing is the procedure of transferring energy from a person’s body using only the hands. It’s not a form of massage, in that there is a squeezing or kneading of the muscle mass. It is just a healing process where the practitioner places their hands on the patient’s body up to the point that the energy leaves them. This whole treatment normally lasts a few minutes or it may last longer. There isn’t any fixed period for just how much time it ought to take to eliminate the energy from precise parts of the body.

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Reiki Therapy for Joy and Wellness

A marvelous sensation of euphoria and wellbeing can be experienced by a patient who’s just partaken in Reiki. Why would that be? It is because Reiki helps the patient to concentrate on different facets of their daily life. A person’s perspective changes as soon as they can be calm and at peace. They don’t have to struggle any more with their energy sapping inner demons. The strength to handle their conditions head-on explains why Reiki therapy provides so many patients with a tremendous sensation of peace and tranquility.

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