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Depression – How Reiki Therapy Can Help

Reiki aims to help with depressive disorder by clearing the thoughts that immobilize it. You should always bear in mind that the mind and body work as one. If your body is bogged down with negative energy, depression is going to be one of the undesirable side effects. The relaxation that Reiki can provide, permits the mind to deal with thoughts more rationally and slow down a bit. A mind that’s choked by depressive thoughts will be much slower and not think as clearly.

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How Does Reiki Energy Work?

A Reiki healer can add or remove energy where it is called for. Though this particular technique can seem quite involved, it is all done with the palms of their hands. A Reiki healer will know exactly where to put their hands and for how long. You’ll know that the Reiki therapy is having an effect by the sensation you get on the particular part of your body. You can really feel the flow of the life energy as the practitioner gets to work on the affected areas.

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