What is Reiki? Benefits and effects of Reiki

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What is Reiki? 

The Oxford Dictionary gives the following definition of the word Reiki: “Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the therapist channels and transmits energy to the patient by laying his or her hands to activate the natural healing process.

This technique of energy assistance, ancient and very powerful, transmitted by Mikao Usui, acts on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Sometimes Reiki succeeds where no results have been achieved before. The Reiki practitioner does not work with his own energy but channels the Universal Energy which has a great life force. So the practitioner never gets tired. The Reiki practitioner has received initiations by which the Reiki symbols and carriers of this Energy have been placed in his aura. He has them constantly. That’s why he does not use his own energy.

Benefits of Reiki

Through its action, Reiki: acts on physical disorders, regenerates cells, promotes relaxation, provides peace, joy and serenity, facilitates concentration, acts on animals, plants, the planet, situations, repairs the trauma of the past smoothly. It acts on situations by harmonising them.

What is important to know is that Reiki will only act according to the energy needs of patients: neither too much nor little.

What are the effects of Reiki?

Reiki is a natural method of help that re-harmonises and rebalances the body’s energy centers, releases tension, physical and emotional blockages, tones all organs, revitalises and relaxes deeply. It regenerates the body, improves health, provides a general well-being, an inner peace and also promotes personal transformation.

Reiki is also used in disease prevention, and in addition to any medical treatment it increases effectiveness. Reiki: Provides additional energy that re-harmonises and revitalises the body; reduces stress, calms and relaxes deeply; promotes relaxation, brings peace, joy and serenity; relieves the pains; stimulates the self-healing and self-healing processes of the body; strengthens the ability to recover from trauma; corrects physical and emotional imbalances by releasing the original causes of emotional blockages in cellular memory; eliminates toxins, purifies, fortifies the organs; strengthens the immune system; maximises the effectiveness of medical treatment; accelerate all Spiritual work and personal evolution when meditating with Reiki; adapts to the real needs of the receiver; facilitates the concentration; acts on the animals, the plants; acts on the planet, and finally, repairs the traumas of the past.

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