Every weak person feels a loss of vitality and draws the energy that is needed everywhere around her. Reiki connects us with the vital energy available in the universe.

The Reiki practitioner is a channel for this universal vital energy. This energy penetrates the body through the donor’s head and flows, powerful and concentrated, through the centre of his hands and to the tip of his fingers.

The one who gives the energy is protected, as long as he does not get involved in the results. Reiki is a powerful method of relaxing and upgrading individual energy that usually works one way. The Aquarius Reiki works in both directions: first, it removes discordant energy and then replaces it with energy that is virgin from all memory. The effect is much faster, powerful and effective than a traditional Reiki technique.

Reiki strengthens the body and the mind; restores spiritual harmony and well-being; allows the dissolution of blockages, the cleaning of the bodies. The energy of Reiki is available permanently and in quite unlimited quantity.

Reiki helps to harmonise the aura and brings the necessary energy to better functioning organs, gland and chakras. It reinforces a therapy in progress.

Reiki is never dangerous; it adapts to the real needs of the recipients. Reiki is neither a belief nor a religion; it is a technique usable by all. Reiki is a very effective way of emptying parasitic thoughts, to place oneself in “here and now”; to commune with the Unit.

Reiki is a method of bringing the energy of life through the hands. We are born with the ability to transmit and receive this energy; the canal gets dirty, clogs over time. The initiations clear the way of passage; the initiate receives better, he transmits energy more easily.

Reiki is for oneself and for others. It is valid for animals, plants, situations and places. The energy transmitted by Reiki works by itself. It operates choices freely; it is an unconditional energy that flows regardless of our physical or mental state.

The receiver and the transmitter are brought back to a state of unity which naturally develops the capacity of help. Each one finds the possibility to come into contact with his inner being, to come into contact with oneself; the first contribution is a peace with oneself, a harmony. The receiver receives according to his needs.

A Reiki session can bring deep relaxation, release the emotions or allow the awareness necessary for our fulfilment.

Reiki speeds up the healing process, strengthens the immune system, dissolves energy blockages, increases well-being, energy, consciousness, relaxes and eliminates stress. Reiki is a powerful method and can be useful in meditation, transformation, and for personal development.