What is Celtic Reiki? – Seven Chakras

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Celtic Reiki is a complete system that allows you to evolve in the vibratory perception of your environment. Celtic Reiki is an energetic therapy that combines the principles of Reiki (the universal energy of all things), and the energies of nature. The Celts believed that nature (trees in particular) is sacred and founded a large part of their way of life on these and on the energy that seemed to emanate from it. The Celtic Reiki uses the energy of trees and nature that comes from Mother Earth and which is channeled through the root chakra. It is related to ancient Celtic knowledge in energy. This energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants to create a healing environment that manifests itself in everyday situations. Celtic Reiki uses symbols from the Celtic Ogham (ancient alphabet used by druids), which corresponds to the nature of trees and other sources used during a healing session.

Celtic Ogham

Ogham takes its name from the Celtic God, Ogma, the God of Eloquence and Learning. This is the ancient writing of the Celtic people from the sacred Druidic alphabet. The Celtic alphabet is composed of 25 letters, each of which represents a type of tree. These symbols are used in Celtic Reiki care.

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