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Reiki Energy and How it Works

A skilled practitioner of Reiki adds and takes away energy where it’s needed. Whilst this particular process is fairly complex, it is all carried out with their hands. A skilled practitioner of Reiki will understand where their hands should be positioned and for the length of time it’s required. You’ll know that what they are doing is doing the job by the feeling you are having on the actual part of the body. You’ll experience the life energy flow as the practitioner works on the places that are afflicted.

What Does The Colour Green Mean In Reiki ? (leave a comment)

The essence of my practice is to help you live the best vision of your life and I’m massively happy you’re here. Many of the healing arts are becoming progressively popular in London and all big cities throughout the UK and the world as numerous people are living lives that are truly stressing them out! There are many advantages to reiki sessions and I’m going to go through exactly how it can assist you in your day to day life.

Depression – How Reiki Therapy Can Help

Reiki therapy aims to help relieve depression by clearing the thoughts which paralyze it. It’s important to remember the fact that the body and mind work alongside each other. If your body’s bogged down with negative energy, depression will be one of the side effects. The relaxation and peace which Reiki therapy offers, makes the mind slow down and filter thoughts more rationally. A mind that is paralyzed by depression is slower and is not going to think so clearly.

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