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Reiki can help with stress and anxiety by transporting you into a chilled state of being. Feelings of stress and anxiety will simply fade as soon as you allow your brain to handle your surroundings in the correct way. If you’re always in a panicked state and have a million thoughts rushing through your head. It’s only when your head relaxes that the capacity to process those problems present itself. The reason why you will have fewer issues with stress and anxiety after you have had a Reiki session is that your body will be relaxed. Pretty quickly your mind will be too.

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What is Reiki Therapy?

Put simply Reiki healing is a procedure for drawing energy from a patient’s body using nothing but the hands of the therapist. It isn’t like a massage, in that there’s compressing or rubbing of the muscle tissue. It is just a technique whereby the practitioner places their hands upon the patient’s body until eventually they feel the energy leave them. This whole procedure might last for a few minutes or it could take longer. There isn’t a set time for exactly how long it should take to eliminate energy from particular body areas.

You know which part of Reiki healing, London customers love more than anything? It’s having the ability to really let go of all they are doing, developing, hurrying to and spend some time to truly receive positive, peaceful, healing energy. There truly is magic in having the ability to completely release and let life take care of you. When we do this, life starts to feel more supportive, more energised and much more possible and this has enormous advantages for everyone that comes to my clinic.

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