Usui Reiki, a technique open to the world

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The Reiki Master is one who has achieved a degree of mastery

The different stages of formation of this discipline allow you to reach degrees, according to your rhythm. Transcribed in the West, the third degree is called Master Practitioner and the fourth degree is Master Teacher. The term “Master” indicates above all that you have reached a mastery level.

The ideals of Reiki are an invitation

The ideals of Reiki are an integral part of the Usui Reiki practice. During your training, your teacher presents them to you. These ideals are an invitation to work on different aspects of oneself. Unlike the rules enacted by certain religions, ideals are principles of life that you seek to work. They are thus removed from any idea of ​​confinement of the person and are presented more as ingredients to the recipe for happiness!

Usui Reiki is perfectly compatible with other practices

Usui Reiki is practiced by many people. It is either personal, for oneself; but also as a professional supplement. Thus, more and more nurses and caregivers practice Usui Reiki in a hospital environment and with the agreement of their referring doctors. You can also meet naturopaths, art therapists etc. who practice Usui Reiki.

In other words, Usui Reiki is a technique open to the world. It is first through his training that everyone is free to continue at his own pace. In addition, the degrees obtained are personal and individual. No practitioner can demand to be called in reference to his obtained degree of “master”. In the practice of Reiki, ideals are an invitation to work on oneself, far from any dogma or “rules” to be followed to the letter.

Finally, Usui Reiki is an open practice for the world and all other existing practices, whether professional medical practices or professions in the field of personal development.

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