Universal Energy and Reiki: Science or Spirituality?

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What is energy?

A rather large question, but generally speaking, everything that is born, dies, grows, transforms, from the smallest grain of sand to the entire universe: animal, vegetable, mineral, human, everything is made of atoms. Atoms are tiny particles of matter containing a positive and negative electric charge of electrons. These electrons are in perpetual motion around atoms, like the Earth around the sun. By these movements, they vibrate and thus create an electromagnetic field that represents a force called energy. The human being is made up of hundreds of billions of atoms. This energy flows outside and inside us. Energy is intangible, invisible, odourless, colourless, and yet it is the force of everything that lives. It is thanks to the Universe that we live, breathe and evolve. She is the essence of life and as such deserves all our respect. In our body, there are points of intersection of this energy flow.

Why receive a Reiki treatment?

In an ideal situation, the energetic circulation is done by itself, but in the reality of our daily life, the stress, the physical and emotional traumas, influence this circulation and can block it, invert it, in this case create a bad being, physical ailments. However, it is not necessary to go wrong to receive a Reiki treatment, it can answer the need to (re) connect with oneself, one’s body, the world with a new consciousness.
Traditional Usui Reiki is a technique of placing hands on these points of intersection called chakras. By placing your hands, the practitioner acts as a channel of energy towards your body and allows to unlock, purify and restart the good energy circulation in the body.

Where does this technique come from?

Reiki was officially unveiled at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. He initiated many masters and founded schools.

Reiki energy treatment with the medical community

The Reiki energy treatment is no substitute for medical treatment and is not diagnosed by the practitioner. However, the Reiki treatment supports the treatment, helps healing and heals illnesses due to stress.

A doctrine, a religious belief?

The practice of Reiki does not result in any case from a religious doctrine or a deic belief. Therefore, a Reiki practitioner can come from any denomination and receive a person from any other faith without exerting pressure or influence. However, note that the practice of Reiki for the initiate goes beyond the care of oneself and others, and is a philosophy of life, using meditative tools to evolve itself and in practice.

How is a Reiki energy treatment?

During a conventional treatment session, the practitioner works on 20 energy points of the body. A treatment lasts about one hour, 30 minutes on the front and 30 minutes on the back of the body. A treatment is individual. The receiver has the free choice to share his feelings and everything said is held with confidentiality.

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