Treatment of skin problems with Reiki

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Can we treat long-standing skin problems with Reiki? How is this type of treatment?

Reiki is more effective on recent issues

The earlier your skin problem is taken care of, the more effective the Usui Reiki. Whether it’s burns, eczema, dermatitis or any other skin problem, consider calling your Reiki practitioner early. The number of sessions needed to restore energy balance will be reduced.
On recurrent skin conditions, Reiki can be an accompaniment in addition to your usual medical treatments. First, it reduces the side effects of these. Then Reiki contributes to the positive evolution of the pathology of the skin.

Reiki cuts the fire

If you have burned yourself, whether it is relatively superficial or extensive, Reiki accelerates the healing of wounds. Burnout centres are increasingly using Reiki practitioners to reduce pain and accelerate wound healing. You have cancer and you need to take radiation sessions? Reiki facilitates the regeneration of healthy cells.

Reiki and eczema

If you have regular eczema, it may be helpful for you to take Usui Reiki sessions. Reiki cuts fire from eczema, which reduces your itching. Being a holistic approach, Reiki also helps you to work on the origin of your eczema attacks. For this purpose, several sessions may be necessary to reduce the frequency of your eczema attacks.

Reiki and dermatitis

In the same way as before, Reiki can bring relief during your dermatitis attacks. Your pimples dry quickly and your healing is facilitated. In many cases your itching reduces dramatically until it can disappear.

In summary, Usui Reiki is a holistic technique that can treat skin conditions. These treatments may require one to several sessions depending on the extent of your pathology.
The Reiki practitioner always adapts his treatment protocol to your problem.

As a reminder, Usui Reiki is an alternative energy therapy. Any medical treatment started on prescription and following the prescription of a doctor must be continued during a Reiki treatment. Stopping any drug treatment is the responsibility of your doctor.

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