The first degree of Reiki and all you need to know for good practice

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There are three degrees to become a Reiki Master and becoming a master in this Japanese art. When you are a beginner, you have to start with the first degree of Reiki, which teaches the basics of Reiki and prepares to pass the following degrees. If you are still hesitating to get started, here is what awaits you during the first degree of Reiki training.

The first degree of Reiki

The first degree of Reiki is called Shoden. If there is a common basis for all Reiki schools, there are also specificities to each, so it is normal not to find exactly the same thing in all the courses offered. When you pass your first degree of Reiki, you will first have basic training in what Reiki is. This first degree aims to connect students to the universal source, which is the basis for practicing Reiki. Students learn to master the energy that comes from the universal source, in order to harmonise it with their own vital energy.

Mainly, students learn the history of Reiki and its functioning, according to the principles and ideals of its creator, Mikao Usui. They attend a Reiki demonstration, then learn specific practices and exercises that will allow them to open their channel of light. The first degree of Reiki is therefore a primarily physical level, which allows students to understand the basics and principles of Reiki, without addressing symbols and more specific techniques at the spiritual level.

How does the first degree of Reiki work?

In order to train the students in the first degree of Reiki, the Reiki Master offers a formation that lasts at least 2 days, but which can last even longer if needed. Some topics are covered in all courses, other topics are optional, they will be treated by some Reiki masters, others will be treated only if the energy of the group lends itself.

The content of Reiki’s first-degree training always contains the following topics:
The story of Reiki and its creator, Mikao Usui.
What is Reiki, and how it works.
The five ideals of Reiki according to Mikao Usui.
An initiation to Reiki.
A demonstration of a complete treatment of Reiki, followed by a practice (treatment on others and self-treatment).
Different types of exercises and meditation to understand what Reiki is.

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