The dangers of Reiki – A recognised practice

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Many people do not dare to undertake spiritual energy procedures for fear of dangers of Reiki related to these. The lack of knowledge forces people to think that the practices of these methods of energy care seem to be superfluous. On the other hand, they are very well reputed to provide a great well-being to the practitioners.

Be confident with the Master

Despite all the benefits that these practices bring, one must be very vigilant about the Master chosen to do the initiation. To avoid the dangers of Reiki, some caution is required. Some of them claim to be a “Master”, but they do not know or do not master all the basic principles, which could prove to be a bad experience for the initiate. So, it is very important to trust your Master to give you strength, well-being in all simplicity and in a deep way. Then the initiate can enjoy sessions that can channel its energy that will help stimulate its healing process.

What are the dangers of Reiki for the initiate and the practitioner?

It is important to note that each level or degree of Reiki energy gives way to some turbulence, to some form of Reiki danger. We are still talking about an energy transfer! The most important of these practices is to be well connected to be well anchored. In view of the energetic connection between the initiate and the practitioner (Master Reiki), it is common to feel tingling at the feet or ankles, to perceive a current or even a certain source of heat. But remember, Reiki treatments are not dangerous!

The importance of a good anchorage

To promote the perfect anchor for people who have difficulty staying anchored, walking is a very good solution. It is important to be well anchored during practises, to avoid the dangers of Reiki, because it is possible to perceive certain turbulence during the practices of Reiki. Hence the importance of keeping your feet on the ground and promoting anchoring via simple exercises, such as walking to feel the contact with the earth.

So, for people who are perplexed at the idea of ​​being initiated, leave your doubts behind you and try this majestic experience without delay! You will be able to start an outstanding healing!

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