The benefits of Reiki combine those of meditation and relaxation

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Traditional Reiki is the union of relaxation and meditation through touch.

Clinical benefits

Today, everyone knows the clinical benefits of relaxation and meditation. The best known are firstly physiological: decreased heart rate, as well as cerebral; increase in alpha and theta rhythms including a better synchronisation of the distribution of brain activity, then biochemical; decreased cortisol and cholesterol, and also respiratory: decreased respiratory rate and oxygen requirements.

Benefits of relaxation

Relaxation promotes the functioning of the body. For example: decreased energy consumption and heart rate. In addition, the state of relaxation allows the brain to produce endorphins. These are biochemical substances that are extremely beneficial for the body.

Benefits of meditation

Neuroscience has shown that meditation reduces the painful experience of various conditions (backache, headache, cancer). Similarly, it allows the immune system to function better. It also generates a drop in blood pressure. Hence some scientists who have been able to prove that the heart and blood vessels are better protected.

Psychological benefits

The benefits on the psychological level are also undeniable. Indeed, relaxation promotes the state of well-being. Meditation also has beneficial psychological effects. Anyone enjoying it sees a decrease in anxiety and stress. Moreover, anxiety and stress are the cause of insomnia and various inflammatory diseases. There is also an increase in perceptual ability with meditation. In the same way, empathy towards others. Finally, the meditation prevents relapses of depression. Some scientists talk about 50% lower risk of depressive relapses.

Benefits of Reiki Method

The interest of Reikiology is that it combines relaxation and meditation by touch. During the Reiki session, the recipient has nothing special to do. In fact, all the subtlety lies in the meditation work of the practitioner. By resonance, the recipient enters into his own meditative relaxation.

The testimonies of the beneficiaries indicate the experience of letting go. That is, they let go of pain and mental suffering. They also cease the incessant mental chatter. Moreover, they relate to a feeling of happiness, a feeling of natural inner joy, peace, calm and tranquility. Finally, the energy and the desire for action follow naturally from these experiences lived.

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