Stress and Reiki

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Today, stress is part of our daily lives. It is the result of the pressures that society inflicts on us and/or that we inflict on ourselves on our mind and body. It is increasingly difficult to find moments of calm and serenity, whether in our work and/or in our personal life. We do not take the time to “breathe” and “rebalance”. As soon as the body is on alert, we must not ignore this stress and immediately make the choice to get better.

What do we recognise as stress?

The manifestations of stress can be different from one person to another, from one situation to another. They can be physical, psychological or emotional. You have to learn to listen to your body; we are sometimes in a bubble that prevents us from noticing that something is not right.

Physical manifestations

The quality of your sleep (difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings, restless sleep …)


Stomach problems

Chest pain; feeling that his heart is going to stop or that a small ball is forming there

Fast heart rate

Difficulty breathing


Reiki against stress

Reiki is a natural method for managing stress and anxiety-related conditions. It has the virtues of relaxation and well-being that put you in a state of relaxation. It frees you from your stress and anxieties. Reiki helps rebalance your energies and tensions. It also helps you to become more serene, treat anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, burn-out, phobias or lack of self-confidence.

After a few sessions, your mind and body will acquire the defences to allow you to enter your self-healing process.

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