Should we believe in Reiki for it to work?

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When we teach Reiki, we explain that in order for it to work, it is necessary to believe in it.

This may seem surprising.

How can a discipline of the invisible, which we can not measure, weigh, photograph or film, be practiced without belief? Well, simply because we can still see the effects. And that’s part of knowledge, knowledge and beliefs are totally different.

Knowledge is not an opinion, nor a belief.

For Reiki to work we do not ask the recipients to believe it. And this notion “to recipients” is very important. Because everything changes when it comes to the “donor” ie the practitioner.

What happens if the practitioner does not believe in Reiki? For a practitioner who practices all the time, as it has been taught? He does not need to believe it because he knows that it works. Regular and constant practice, the beneficial evaluation of the effects of Reiki, put it beyond belief. It is in the position of practitioners who have knowledge of this practice, who have no doubt about the merits of this practice.

How about if a practitioner who does not practice much, is afraid that it will not work in certain situations or in some cases? Well, then Reiki will not work. Why?

Because his fear, his doubts, his uncertainties, his lack of confidence in him, will block the process.

For Reiki to work, the practitioner must have absolute confidence in Reiki. But often people confuse “trust in Reiki” and “self-confidence”. But what do we teach in the first degree of Reiki? That the correct attitude of the practitioner is an attitude of neutrality.

What does “neutrality” mean?

Neutrality is not getting involved in the problems of the receiver, it’s letting go of the results of the Reiki session.

A practitioner who does not let go of the results of the session is a practitioner who is not neutral. He is afraid it will not work. But this fear is induced by his ego, at that moment the gaze of the other or others closes all access to Reiki. The only thing that can happen is that the practitioner gives his own energy instead of transmitting Reiki. But is someone’s own energy, a human, as pure and powerful as Reiki? The answer is no. As long as we try to cure a burn, if we are in the anxiety of the result and our energy is a fire energy, then we will aggravate the burning sensation. This result will at the same time aggravate our lack of confidence in us and it is a safe bet that little by little, we will give up giving Reiki to others. And that is a pity, because if there is one thing that is treated perfectly with Reiki, it’s the burns. But this implies that we are not subject to the judgment of others, that we are detached to the point of agreeing to “miss” a session, because we know, at this stage, that the failure of a Reiki session does not exist.

What to do? We cannot change that attitude in ourselves, by using the mind. The thoughts and emotions that are attached to them are stronger than anything and we cannot try to reason with them because our mind will say “yes yes” but will think “no no” without even realising it.

What to do? Be honest with oneself ! Stop finding a whole bunch of excuses for not practicing and blinding ourselves.

Reiki is first and foremost a practice and the Reiki experience goes through practice. It does not go through the intellectual knowledge of teaching.

Intellectual knowledge is necessary to not transmit anything when we teach ourselves, but we do not have the right to economise the practice on another person, because it is only this practice that gives us the knowledge.

Remember that Reiki founder Mikao Usui gave live Reiki sessions. If we send Reiki always at a distance, we move away from the human dimension of Reiki, we move away from the humans we want to help.

So be honest towards yourselves, which is one of the principles of Reiki. “Just for today I live my life honestly”, forces you to face why you refuse to practice and really ask yourself the question: Why do not I give live Reiki sessions? and you will see the answer, your answer will arrive and that will most likely be: because I am afraid!

Why are you scared? Because your lack of confidence in yourself.

And if you want to become a true Reiki practitioner and a true Reiki teacher, you have to deal with this lack of self-confidence and the fear of being subjected to the other person’s gaze.

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