Sensations during a Reiki session

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For those who are strangers to Reiki, it means to receive energy on different parts of the body using the Reiki Usui Ryoho method. It takes place in an environment conducive to relaxation with, possibly, relaxation music.

Reiki should be provided by a trained practitioner. No session is subject to improvisation.
Also know that reiki has no known contraindication so far. Just note that some precautions of use are recommended in the case of the port of a pace maker.

The person who wants to receive a reiki session is invited to lie down and settle comfortably on the reiki table. She is still dressed and may request to be draped during the session.
Before starting the reiki ritual, the practitioner asks some questions to find out why the person came to receive this session. This exchange is all the more important as it allows the practitioner to prepare his session, and the patient to put herself in the best position to accept the feelings of reiki.

According to a pre-established protocol, the practitioner gently directs his hands to different parts of the patient’s body and leaves them a few moments on each position. Depending on everyone’s preference, the session can be done without contact, with the hands placed above the body. The gestures are extremely gentle, because no manipulation is practiced or massage, except the imposition of hands. When the practitioner feels the need, he leaves his hands longer in one position.

A reiki session lasts approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. The practitioner knows how to determine the optimal duration so that the recipient benefits from the best reiki benefits.

Feelings during a reiki session

A question that patients with a little anxiety ask themselves before a session is: “What are the sensations during a reiki session?”. During the session, the practitioner is attentive to his own feelings but also to those felt by the recipient. The effects of reiki frequently lead the patient into a state of relaxation. He gradually reaches a state of well-being and at the end of the session he feels a sense of calm accompanied by a decrease in his physical and moral tensions. The effects of reiki are felt several hours or even days after the session.

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