Remote treatment

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A remote Reiki treatment frees and helps people living in a state of stress, or deep or transient fatigue. It also brings a physical and emotional well-being and revitalises the immune system if necessary.

This remote work quickly brings a state of well-being and serenity. Reiki acts on different levels: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. By this work, there is great relief in terms of physical pain and psychic discomfort, but it often happens that the physical state will only improve when the person has released his sadness, his fears and his suffering. It is therefore, important to accept the inner transformations that may occur during a treatment.

Reiki energy can be effectively directed to anyone, anywhere in the world.
A remote Reiki session lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. The person who will receive the session remotely will, at home, find a quiet place, on his bed or in an armchair, settle comfortably and relax. It is possible to light a candle, to put incense and to listen to relaxing music during the work.

After the session, it is desirable to share what you have experienced during the session and give your impressions. Each session may be feeling different.

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