Reiki – Universal Energy

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Reiki is a hands-on method of care that comes to us from Japan. It was founded by a Japanese named Mikao Usui who rediscovered this technique quite close to magnetism.
Hands-applied care has existed since the dawn of time. Dr. Usui made it possible to transmit this knowledge to everyone.

Reiki care is for everyone. There is no particular contraindication. Whether you are young or old, a Reiki treatment will soothe you. This will also allow you find a physical and psychological well-being. An energetic blockage can cause physical symptoms. Reiki will re-harmonise the energy that could be blocked in the body, which will allow a decrease or disappearance of symptoms. It may even happen that, for a short period of time, the symptoms increase before disappearing completely. This is called a “healing crisis”. Do not be afraid of it. It is simply the body that cleans up.

Reiki treatment is often very relaxing. You may experience some heat or other sensations in some places. This is perfectly normal. It means your body is taking the energy it needs.
After the session, it is very likely that you feel a bit lightheaded. Moreover, it happens quite often that some people fall asleep during the treatment. This is not a problem. The treatment is just as effective, whether you are conscious or not.

There are two techniques that heal by transmitting energy to the person. The difference is especially noticeable in the practitioner. A magnetiser gives its own energy to heal, which can cause fatigue. If he works a whole day, he will need to recharge energy. It’s different for a Reiki practitioner. It channels an energy that is everywhere around us. It then transfers that energy to the person who receives the care, which takes all the energy it needs.

The benefit to the Reiki practitioner is that he does not experience fatigue related to care. It is not his own energy that he transmits to the recipient. One can imagine that it is like a pipe in which water would arrive which would then be redirected. It therefore channels this energy that arrives through the chakra of the top of the head (Chakra crown). It is by the hands that the Reiki energy is transmitted to the person who needs it.

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