Reiki Treatments for All – The Free and Universal Energy of Reiki

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Reiki treatments for all

Treatment of children
The children are very receptive to Reiki. Since they are less “polluted” than adults and their metabolism is higher, the duration of the treatment will be shorter: about 20 minutes in all.

Treatment of the dying
Reiki accompanies to a peaceful, gentler death, and a better state of consciousness during the transition.

Pre and post-operative treatment
In the preoperative period, Reiki soothes anxieties and decreases the time of surgery (thus decreases the time of anaesthesia). In post-op, it speeds up convalescence and reduces the need for analgesia.

Animal treatment
The animals are very receptive to Reiki that they recognise. Treatment of 10-15 minutes is usually sufficient. The animals leave when they have had enough and come back on their own.

Food processing
We can increase the vitality of the food and water through Reiki. We can give this water to
drink to sick people, animals and plants.

Drug treatment
It is possible to improve the effectiveness of drugs and decrease their side effects by charging them with Reiki.

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