Reiki, the therapy of happiness?

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Treating a feeling of unease by simply laying one’s hands is an ancestral practice used in many cultures. Of Japanese origin, Reiki is a natural, alternative and holistic therapy method that dispels energy knots and promotes well-being.

Union of relaxation and meditation, traditional Reiki is a gentle and natural therapy that aims to promote the well-being and personal development of each. Based on the universal energy of the Hindu-Buddhist conception, Reiki is a holistic method that responds to all physical and physical dysfunctions.

An energy practice

The practice of Reiki comes from the Japanese Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century who was interested in the principle governing the transfer of energy. The “rei” represents the cosmic dimension, the “ki”, the vital energy internal to the human being but found in all things of nature (atoms, fauna, flora, etc.). Reiki is this practice that connects our own energy to universal energy. The idea is to circulate energy through strategic points (chakras) as other practices can such as yoga, meditation, ayurveda or martial arts.

Sustainable well-being

His practice allows above all to rebalance the energies but also to relieve nervous tension, to develop consciousness, increase energy and thus vitality, and to increase self-confidence. Anxiety, psychological or relational blockages and stress can soar in a few sessions. Some athletes even use it to relieve small sores or recurring pain. Reiki brings kindness and serenity.

What happens during a session ?

During a first session, the person explains to the Reiki practitioner the reason for his arrival, take off only his shoes but remains dressed and lie on a massage table. The treatment lasts about 1 hour and works by the laying on of hands, a ritual gesture that consists in posing for a few moments both hands on different parts of the body (centers of energies). In this way, the energy flows freely, joins the organs and harmonises throughout the body. The more we practice it, the more Reiki invites us to open our heart as a kind of alternative to meditation.

A practice accessible to all

Far from being a supernatural method, Reiki does not require any particular gift: everyone can practice it after training. During this initiation, one receives a transmission of energy which makes it possible to connect to the universal energy, then transmit it by different positions of the hands to a person, an animal and even a plant.

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