Reiki sessions: for whom?

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Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for to anyone who is well in general but might face a difficult period (stress, physical tension) and wants to find his balance.

The practice makes it possible to accompany any request in all the domains of its life. Being a practice based on the natural functioning of the human being, the Reiki sessions are aimed at: children, adults, elderly and to all the people who want to find comfort in their life.

The effects of Reiki sessions

Reiki helps to untie energetic contractures by uniting body and mind (work done by the Master Practitioner). Gradually, the liberating effect of the practice brings the person into a very deep relaxation, allowing him to recharge one’s natural resources and to access one’s natural solution potentials.

Indications and contraindications of Reiki


Rebalance your energies and relax the body and mind, and optimise energy (natural vitality in everyday life). It maintains your psychic and physical balance (prevention practice), fight against stress and emotional blockages.


Reiki is neither a medical practice nor a psychotherapeutic practice, nor can it replace the necessary medical treatments for the follow-up of certain diseases such as acute depression, schizophrenia, etc.

Conduct of a traditional Reiki session

he individual consultation is composed of: An interview, where the consultant (= the person who comes to consult) expresses his expectations so that the master practitioner can implement his work of accompaniment of the consultant towards his well-being. During this interview, the consultant and the master practitioner agree on the work to be done and the modalities of the session.

A Reiki session strictly speaking, is where the consultant is lying while the Master Practitioner touches very lightly and fix 12 precise points of the body (head, torso, belly, legs and feet) by practicing a work of meditative resonance which makes it possible to untie energetic contractors by uniting the body and the spirit.

To know

The liberating effect of the practice of Reiki allows the person to reach his physical and mental comfort. The practice of Reiki is natural, it has no side effects but can cause some responsiveness of the body and mind. The Master Practitioner responds to the request of the person in a personalised way and the pace of it, each being unique. Reiki, however, is a practice of prevention and progressive implementation, a regularity of sessions is necessary to sustainably meet the demand for wellness. The consultant decides the frequency and duration. He is free to stop at any time, without having to justify himself.

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