Reiki: Self-healing within everyone’s reach

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Reiki. You may have heard that word before and maybe even know it’s an energy technique. The real advantage of this method is that it is absolutely accessible to all! No need to have particular beliefs, or even spiritual practice to practice Reiki on a daily basis. If you can receive sessions from a practitioner, you also have the opportunity to get started yourself. So what is it really about?

Reiki: A transfer of energy by laying on of hands

Reiki is a high frequency energy that can be channeled to transmit it to oneself or to any other person, but also to animals, plants, food and even objects. It harmonises the being who receives, on all levels, and thus help initiate a process of self-healing at the same time, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In you, it will start a cleaning job, fill any gaps and dissolve the source of the evils you know. Reiki will make you feel better, live better and can help you greatly. We note a great effectiveness of this method especially for stress-related disorders: sleep, back pain, digestive problems, muscle, etc.

How to benefit from Reiki?

Your Reiki channel, naturally present in you, will be reopened and you will be able to channel this energy yourself to use it for you or to transmit it to others, simply by laying your hands on yourself daily. This is called “self-treatment”. The Reiki energy will then go through you and focus where you put your hands, to bring you everything you need at this moment. Beyond being a daily help in common ailments that we all meet, Reiki brings us to the path of deep reflection and transformation. Everyone who practices Reiki knows it: Reiki is a smart and caring energy, it brings us what we need in every moment of our life, according to what is right for us and what we are ready to receive. All you have to do is welcome it. It is precisely its simplicity and efficiency that has made the success of this method around the world for decades.

When self-healing brings co-creation

Gradually, over time, Reiki leads us to become deeply aware of who we are and to become conscious co-creators of our life, bringing us a harmony of body, mind and spirit. It is not uncommon for Reiki initiates to change their life, work or life goals after receiving their initiations. Indeed, through the cleansing and self-healing that Reiki brings us, we raise our vibration level and our consciousness, thus finding strength and courage to change what is no longer necessary in our life. If you feel that something is no longer in place in your life, but that you are lacking “that little something” that would allow you to take action, reiki can help you!

The practice of Reiki is a gift that is made, for self-love, to access self-healing in all aspects that this term may have. It is a big YES launched to the universe and to oneself.

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