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What is Reiki Healing?

To put it simply Reiki healing is a technique for removing energy from someone’s body using only the hands. It doesn’t entail massaging, in that there is compressing or rubbing of the muscle tissue. It’s a method whereby the practitioner puts their hands on the client’s body until they feel the energy leave them. This entire procedure may last for a few minutes or a longer period of time. There is no fixed figure for exactly how much time it will need to get rid of energy from specified parts of the body.

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My journey with reiki as an artfrom started over 16 years ago and my life changed so much that my whole focus now is to help customers in London to feel empowered, open and back in love with their lives. While its hugely essential to always to be progressing and growing worldwide, to know you have the support and love of various kinds of therapies to help you arrive is enormously essential. I’m truly happy youhave actually found my reiki website and I’m looking forward to meeting you! Drop me line anytime and let’s chat about exactly what you require and how reiki can best help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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