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What are Reiki Sessions?

Reiki sessions are when a therapist puts their hands above or on the patient’s body. A Reiki session will range from five minutes to 45 minutes. It varies according to how the Reiki practitioner believes the person is responding. It could be that the patient may not need all that much energy taken out of their body. Should this be the case, then a short period of time may be all that is needed to achieve the sought after outcome.

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London’s Reiki Market

Some people will be amazed to learn that there is actually a growing Reiki market right here in London. You will not need to go far to get rid of all that excess energy. It’s usually a good idea to call and guarantee there is enough room available. You will be amazed to discover exactly how speedily this kind of therapy has grown. It feels like nearly everybody living in London right now has an overabundance of energy that they need to have cleansed.

Reiki Energy and How it Works

A Reiki therapist adds and gets rid of energy anywhere that it is called for on the body. Even though this particular technique is rather complicated, everything is done with the hands. A Reiki therapist will know where their hands should be positioned and for the amount of time it is needed. You’ll know that it is doing the job by the sensation you are getting on the actual area of the body that they’re concentrating on. You will experience the flow of the energy while your Reiki practitioner works on any affected areas.

Can Reiki Relieve Depression?

Reiki therapy will help the feeling of depression by freeing your mind of the things that cripple it. You must not forget that the body and mind work together. If negative vibes are bogging down your body, one of the unfortunate side effects will likely be some form of depression. The calmness and relaxation that Reiki treatment provides, allows the mind to slow down and filter your thoughts more rationally. A mind choked by depressive thoughts is slower and isn’t going to think so clearly.

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