Reiki Massage Guide

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Reiki, a massage straight from Japan

In Japanese, the word “rei” means universal and includes matter, soul, and spirit, while the word “ki” mean vital energy which circulates in us. The goal of Reiki is to put in touch the universal energy and our own vital force. It is this energy that Qi Gong enthusiasts apply to develop, but also the one that magnetisers transmit to their patients and that acupuncturists apply to revive with their needles. Reiki massage is inspired by the principles of traditional asian medicine and was founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui, Japanese meditation master.

What is Reiki massage?

The word massage is actually quite misleading. Indeed, the practitioner and reiki master is not going to touch the body during the session, but revive the vital energy via a laying on of hands on very specific areas of the body. Hands do not have to come into contact with the body, energy is transmitted remotely. This treatment is then received in soft clothing, for more comfort during the session. It is performed on a classic massage table or on a futon, a Japanese mattress placed on the floor.

How is a Reiki session held?

Everything starts with a dialogue with the practitioner who takes the time to learn more about us. Why are we here? Is stress and tension part of our daily lives? What are our expectations? Once he has surrounded us, we take a seat on the massage table and we keep our clothes. We are then guided towards meditation and the relaxation. The practitioner will help us reach a deep well-being and a real letting go, by imposing his hands on certain areas of the body such as the head, throat, plexus, belly, legs and back. The session ends with a rest period, in order to regain his senses and return slowly to reality.

The benefits of a Reiki session

Reiki takes into account the totality of the person. It is caring for mental well-being, but also body, in order to create a balance between body and mind. It aims to relieve tensions and soothe the senses, but also to induce a letting go, to feel good in mind and body. By re-energising vital energy in the body, resource reiki relaxes, releases energy blockages and eliminates toxins.

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