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What is a Reiki Master/Practitioner?

What on earth is a Reiki Master? A Reiki master is somebody that is a practitioner of the art of Reiki. In fact they are exceptionally trained and skillful professionals who understand how to treat ailments. Each person who intends to be called a Reiki master has to undergo extensive training before they can do this. This prerequisite helps to ensure that all of their clients can rely on receiving a high quality of care. In other words, a Reiki master is a practitioner of this fascinating method of healing the body.

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What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki healing is the procedure of eliminating energy from a person’s body using the hands of someone else. It doesn’t entail massaging, in that there is a squeezing or rubbing of the muscle mass. It is a method where the Reiki therapist puts their hands on the patient’s body until the energy is felt leaving them. This whole treatment might last for a matter of minutes or a longer period of time. There is no established period for exactly how long it should take to get rid of energy from specified areas of the body.

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