Reiki London Diary

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Welcome to the Reiki London Diary! 

I’ve started the Reiki London Diary as a way for my clients to gain insight into the life of a Reiki practitioner.  What I’ve realised over the years is that there’s often an idea that once you’ve achieved the level of reiki master that somehow life becomes easy, a walk in the park where everything shines brightly and your day to day is one long adventure in love and joy.

While I agree the spiritual path is a genuine gift and devoting my life to it is the greatest choice I’ve ever made, however, the choice to step out of the normal day to day life of the corporate world has come with challenges and opportunities alike that I couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

The reiki London diary therefore is a look into what it is to live the calling of your heart, the calling of the soul and this I feel is the life of an artist.

How does reiki relate to art?

First let’s define what an artist is:

I feel an artist is someone who heeds the calling of their heart moment to moment and finds the most beautiful medium through which to express that calling.  It’s the greatest gift we can pay life and my calling is certainly the healing arts, to be a reiki practitioner in London, to dedicate my life each day to serving love, spirit in whichever way life chooses.

The core of this relationship with life is surrender and often when we hear the term surrender we feel that means to make lesser of ourselves but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  With reiki especially in a city like London, surrender means surrendering to spirit, to the intelligence behind life and thus rather than belittling my path, I feel I live through reiki a path that in itself includes all of life, all experiences, all levels of service.

So what is reiki and why choose it?

Reiki is the art of channeling consciousness or as we call it energy.  This energy I feel is closest understood to being the energy of love.  Love I feel has two key desires:

  • Love wishes to reveal the greatest vison of itself to the world
  • Love burns away all that is not love within us

And so this brings me back to the start of the reiki London blog, that love, choosing to live the path of the artist will help us all reveal ourselves to the world, to live the greatest vision of our soul journey, while at the same time love/reiki/spirit will also take from us anything that stands in the way of that higher calling.

Choosing this path is beautiful, painful, incredible it’s full of laughter, tears, pain, celebration and everything that you’d ever with for.

Its very real, more real that I could ever have imagined and I love it!!!

So welcome to the reiki London blog

Let’s check in again soon.

Drop me a mail/call/text anytime if you want to find out more.


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