Reiki is the New London Trend

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Reiki is the new London trend

Reiki is becoming more popular in London by the day and I love it!

We are going through a huge evolution of consciousness in London and as a result people are taking their relationship with spirituality, with reiki and ultimately with themselves far more seriously and this is a really positive step.

Because of our conditioning and feelings of being powerless especially in the city, many people have adopted a victim mentality, believing life is happening to them and they are unable to create the reality they want.  This couldn’t be further from the truth and what I see with people in London especially with regards to reiki, is that we are waking up to the idea that we are creating our reality in our hearts and with our thoughts and when we take time to define what it is we actually want, take the steps to create it and have the belief that our dreams can become reality, then everything turns to the sun!

Why Reiki is so important in London

Life in the city, like London is certainly little crazy and as people start to wake up, Reiki is playing an ever more important role in this awakening.  When we start to see how connected we are to all of life, instead of feeling alone and struggling to make it happen, life takes on a deep quality, it feels more loving, more nourishing and it’s from this position of connection that we begin to feel more held and infinitely more able in this world.

And that’s why I started the Reiki London diary, as a way of reaching out to people and letting them know that both the help is there and that they have within them the power, the ability and the know-how to create any reality they wish!

Reiki Healing is the magic key

The title here says it all.  In a city like London reiki is literally magic!  Taking time our of your busy day, to receive healing, to take time for you and too clear your mind is invaluable.  We all need space in our lives and with every moment filled with texts, emails, meetings, drinks, friends, family, responsibility etc it’s becoming increasingly important to take time for you!

You deserve the best, the life you dream of and the foundation of that has to be your relationship with yourself and ultimately with life.

So, in the crazy city, taking time for some reiki, some time out for you, in your day to day in London is more important than ever.

So, drop me line, let’s chat about a reiki session and let’s make sure you feel confident, relaxed and able to make the life you want really happen!

Welcome to the Healing Reiki.

I’m really pleased you’re here.


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