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Reiki Attunements – What are They?

Describing the function of Reiki attunements can be quite confusing for the layman. Attunement is the process by which the patient’s body connects itself with the Reiki universal source much more profoundly. It’s this process which allows the therapist and you to transfer your energy to one another. It’s the channeling of energy that is why Reiki is of such benefit to the body system. It permits you to unwind, and it gives the body the capability to repair itself in a natural way.

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What is a Reiki Master/Practitioner?

Exactly what is a Reiki Master? A Reiki master is someone that is an exponent of Reiki. They are highly experienced and skilled professionals who know how to go about managing ailments. Everybody who would like to be called a Reiki master must undergo a relentless training schedule before they can do this. This stipulation ensures that all their clients can rely on getting a high quality of care. Simply put, a Reiki master is a skilled practitioner of this unique approach to healing the body.

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