Reiki Energy

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Reiki is a health system based on an energy grid developed by Dr. Mikao Ushui in Japan almost a century ago. It was on the occasion of a meditation of several days, in the solitude of Mount Kurama, that the Reiki energy was transmitted to him. He introduced it to a few people during his lifetime. At his death, others took over from his teaching, and this system soon arrived in the West which then saw many schools flourish.

Ushui Shiki Reiki Ryoho is a method of care that is universal and holistic, regardless of moral or religious affiliation. It is based on adherence to five principles, which every initiate must in his soul and conscience strive to respect and practice. Dr. Ushui said that observing these five common sense attitudes to life accounted for more than half of the work of any Reiki learner:

“Just for today, I’m free from all anger”
“Just for today, I’m free of all worries”
“Just for today, I express my gratitude to life, my teachers and my ancestors”
“Just for today, I live my life honestly, and I do my best”
“Just for today, I respect life in all its forms”

The learning of Reiki is based on different levels, allowing everyone to continue his evolution at his own pace. Reiki, or “universal energy of life” is adapted to many problems: chronic fatigue, empty of energy, lack of anchorage, acute or older pains, emotional blockings, state of stress or anxiety, and various organic dysfunctions. Reiki offers a break and well-being time to relax, to find balance and lucidity. It recharges energy, and is also perfectly suited to animals as well.

The practitioner, who becomes the time of care channel of this energy, will let the latter go where it is needed, while potentiating it with the help of various techniques, to give back to your body, but also to the all of your being the keys to reviving your self-healing process.

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