Reiki, energy treatment to connect to oneself

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Mikao Usui was born in 1865. This Japanese Buddhist monk has left us a rich method of teaching for those who have entered a quest for self-knowledge: Reiki. This term is difficult to translate directly. It means all at once “spiritual energy”, “energy of the universe”, “universal energy of life”.

Conceived as an initiatory journey of awareness awakening, Reiki leads us to connect both to the universe around us and to the intimate and direct knowledge of the inner universe that constitutes us. Reiki is often limited to an energetic care in which the practitioner acts as a channel that transmits energy allowing the client to heal something in him, in the manner of a magnetiser. But the reiki practitioner is neither a healer nor a shaman!

Reiki energetic treatment is only the visible face of a broader approach: taken as a whole, the Reiki method can be viewed both as an art of non-medical health and a work of consciousness. Having learned to relate to Reiki energy, the practitioner is able to reach a particular state of presence that allows the Reiki energy to act through him to the client. He thus receives an energy proper to respectfully stimulate his powers of self-regeneration. The energy system of the customer does what he needs with what he receives. A cure then becomes possible, without being able to predict or establish a diagnosis, still less to substitute for an appropriate medical treatment.

We can present the Reiki method through 5 axes whose common point is to invite first to look inside yourself before taking care of the other.

1 – Principles, or precepts, also called “gokai”

They allow us to consciously observe our behaviors, to understand what really motivates them, to put ourselves in a position to be able to provide a skilful answer to our problems and to leave the mode of unconscious automatic reactions. This is the primary meaning of the term “responsibility”: to respond with skill. The principles can be formulated simply:
Just for today
I do not stir up anger
I do not ruminate worries anymore
Simply, live
Humbly, honestly
With compassion and gratitude for me and for others

2 – Meditate

That is to say, any timely technique that allows us to return to our midst every time we come out of it.

3 – To receive the initiations and the reiju

They act as energetic connections with the people who are ahead of us on this path, and with those who preceded them. It allows us to tune our instrument to the right vibration and to play our own symphony from the path to the self.

4 – Receive, explore and practice mantras

Jumon in Japanese – and symbols. These take the form of kanji.

5 – Practice on yourself first

From the precepts, with the techniques of meditation, the self-treatment by the apposition of hands, the use of mantras and symbols – and then on others, when we are ready.

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