Reiki, Awakening and Alignment

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For an emotional, psychological and spiritual harmony.

Rei means universal “Spirit”, unlimited intelligence that refers to the notions of wisdom, the unseen and the gift. Ki means universal “energy” related to nature, life force, talent and feeling. Reiki is a holistic therapy of harmonisation and enlightenment, founded in the early twentieth century by Mikao Usui, master of Buddhist meditation, who is based on a simple principle that “the well-being of the human being depends on itself.”

The Reiki practitioner is calling on the universal energy of which we are all made, an energy which is pure love, intelligence, intuition and who knows exactly where to go at the moment, as it is transmitted by the touch and affixing of the hands. This method of natural health and personal fulfilment reactivates the abilities of self healing, by dissipating the energetic nodes causing blockages.

Reiki allows a great energetic cleaning, and a harmonisation of the physical, psychic and energetic bodies by rebalancing the chakras, the 7 energetic centres that follow the path of the spine. The chakras are a grid of reading of the body evils which allow to go from a physical discomfort to the emotion which generates it, often deeply buried. Each chakra corresponds, in fact, to an area of ​​the body, organs and glandular systems, but also emotions, physical and psychic disorders.

To practice Reiki, one must be trained by a master, be certified, and have received several initiations which aim to open the channel of reception of the universal energy in order to capture it and redistribute it as often as necessary for oneself, for others, animals and plants, but also places and objects.

The benefits of Reiki

To date, there are no contraindications or adverse effects related to this method. Here are some of the benefits of Reiki:
• eliminates toxins
• strengthens the immune system
• relieves headaches and bellyaches
• releases negative emotions
• improves concentration and memorisation
• increases self-confidence
• promotes healing
• releases tension due to stress
• offers restful sleep
• increases vitality
• helps clarity of the mind
• relieves pain
• makes medical treatments more effective
• reduces anxiety
• initiates a general wellness process
• enhances creativity and intuition
• deeper sense of connection to nature and the universe

What happens during a session?

Dressed, the recipient lies on a massage table without a watch, belt or shoe.
This session of approximately 1 hour takes place in three stages:
1. A reception interview, where the recipient states his expectations and motivations, his difficulties, his sensitive areas or his pathologies
2. Applying hands, starting with the head and down to the feet, giving the recipient a soft, caring and compassionate touch. Reiki is based on the combination of meditation and touch that connects the person to herself by allowing her to seek her natural abilities and resources to face the difficulties she may encounter. It is possible to put your hands on the catcher or to hold them at a distance of 7 to 8 centimetres. The choice of whether to touch or not depends on the wishes of the recipient who respect each other.
3. A little moment of exchange at the end of the session, a kind listening and the explanation of possible effects of energy: detoxification, emotional unlocking, etc.

Choosing Reiki can increase your overall well-being because it is a tool for inner awakening, openness of the heart and consciousness, which respects the path of evolution of each.

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