Reiki and horses | Energy treatment for horses

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How is a Reiki energy treatment session with a horse?

Reiki and horse sessions are quite different from those with humans, and at the same time similar. You must know that Reiki is only offered to the horse and never imposed. The practitioner will always adapt to the animal. There may be no physical contact if the horse shows some shyness, anxiety or simply does not want to make physical contact. This does not detract from the effectiveness of the Reiki treatment. The horse can approach, is free of his movements and then participate fully in the session. During the treatment, the horse may show some signs of energy such as drowsiness, deep breathing, sighing and/or staring eyes.

Where to practice the session?

It is possible to achieve the energy treatment by being close to him; in his meadow, box or stable; or behind: behind the door of the box or the fence of the meadow if he is more nervous, anxious, stressed and afraid.  Just respect the animal and make it feel safe.

How long is a session?

The duration of the energy treatment varies. Some more suspicious horses will take longer to accept energy, while others will readily accept it from the beginning. Generally, the time of a session will be about 30min to 1h, not counting the time that the horse will put to accept the energy. Some will be more suspicious, others ignorant, or some will readily accept it from the start.

How many sessions are expected?

If the purpose of the energy session is only to bring relaxation, rebalance and the general condition of the horse, only one will be sufficient, to renew when you feel the need and desire, or to give a boost before a contest for example. Reiki energy treatments will intervene to favour the process of self-healing of the body and will support the follow-up and veterinary treatment on sessions.

If it is a chronic disease, skin problems or behaviour, for example, several sessions will be expected. Generally, at least 3 or 4 sessions are expected at about 1 session every 10 days.


Reiki energy care is only an additional aid to veterinary treatment and monitoring and does not replace it under any circumstances.

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