Reiki, a natural energy treatment method

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Reiki is a natural Japanese energy healing method. It is a word composed of two ideograms: The first, “Rei” literally corresponds to the Spirit which, for the Japanese, does not stop with the human species, but is present in all our environment. The second, the “Ki” corresponds to our vital energy. Equivalent to “Qi” in Chinese acupuncture, it is the energy that allows us to be animated with life. Reiki is therefore, according to the founder of this method, Mikao Usui, the reconnection of all the energies that surround us with our own energies.

Reiki is a practice that is received and learned. In the first session, you lay down, dressed, dispensed by a qualified practitioner by laying on of hands. The goal of the treatment is to rebalance our vital energies. These circulate and are concentrated around 7 energy centers on the median line of the body, anterior and posterior, called the Chakras. This term means “wheel”, and it is through these “energy wheels” that our energies are diffused through all our organs.

In the second case, you will be able to practice on oneself. This was the wish of its founder, to be able to transmit a method of care accessible to all, so that everyone becomes an actor of his healing. Reiki allows to harmonise the energies of all our Being on all levels, physical, emotional, and psychic. This method practiced daily allows you to live more serene. To practice Reiki is to take one’s life in hand, it is to act and not to suffer. This method is composed of different levels of practice, from first degree to master’s degree, which are assimilated during practical training and successive initiations.

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