Questions about Reiki

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is both a therapeutic practice and a technique of well-being. It is a technique of Japanese origin. Simple and natural, it allows to channel and transmit the energy by the hands.

What does the term “Reiki” mean? Reiki means “life energy”. The word comes from the Japanese Rei (universal energy – the one around us) and Ki (vital energy – the one that is present in us, in all living beings).

How does Reiki work? The practitioner concentrates the energy of Reiki and the transmits to the subject by the application of his hands. The energy then circulates throughout the recipient’s body and goes spontaneously to the parts that need it to relieve, re-harmonise and revitalise the person.

Does one need to believe in Reiki for there to be results? It is not necessary to “believe” in Reiki, or to adopt a particular concentration to benefit from the benefits of Reiki. To receive a Reiki treatment remains a simple and natural act. Only experience can allow everyone to know if Reiki is suitable for him or not.

Has Reiki cured diseases? With Reiki it is not a question of treating a disease or a part of the body, but of supporting to be in its entirety. Reiki is there to support and stimulate the natural abilities of the person. It allows a reinforcement and a contribution of energy but does not exempt from a follow-up and a medical treatment. Reiki does not pose a diagnosis either.

Is there any risk to resort to Reiki? No there is no risk per se to resort to Reiki. Neither contraindications. However a person suffering from a pathology must always consult a health professional and not be limited to Reiki care alone.

Is Reiki compatible with another therapy? Reiki is a natural energetic therapy. It is perfectly compatible and complementary to other existing therapies (allopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy, body therapies, psychotherapy, etc). Reiki replaces traditional medicine care, can bring additional benefits by supporting and to improve the overall condition of the person, but it can not in any way replace medical treatment. Reiki does not establish a diagnosis. Reiki is not a substitute for medication.

Is Reiki compatible with drugs? Reiki is compatible with medication. It does not hinder their action. It can also reduce the side effects of drugs. It is important to not stop medications during a Reiki treatment.

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