Protect yourself with the sacred rays of Reiki

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Reiki is a method of care that is often said to protect, thanks to the sacred rays of universal energy. But is there really a relationship between protection, reiki and sacred rays? Are we protected by the energy of Reiki, or are we healed by it? How can the sacred rays help us move forward?

Protection, reiki and sacred rays: what about it?

A fairly common assertion among people who practice reiki is to say that sacred rays of reiki protect them. However, this idea is false. It is an idea received about the practice of this method of care. In reality, Reiki does not have the ability to protect, but to heal. Indeed, when we suffer, whether emotionally, psychically or physically, Reiki can help us free ourselves from our evil through the universal energy that will flow in us. But this energy does not protect. On the other hand, it would be wrong to think that reiki is not able to protect. It’s just that the sacred rays of reiki act differently for protection.

Protection, reiki and sacred rays, how to protect yourself with reiki?

Many people who practice reiki or other methods of care seek protection. Whether against the influence of others, against the evil eye, against malicious people or simply against bad luck, many of us need daily protection. You can earn this protection through Reiki, because its practice can teach you to control your negative thoughts and bring the positive in you to bring the well-being and harmony to the heart of your being. For this, you must accept the law of attraction: just as the fear of misfortune causes misfortune, the security of having the right to well-being entails well-being. Remember the teachings of Reiki, and its five principles: free yourself from your concerns, honour the people who teach you, live honestly, give thanks to all that you live and all that you receive.

Many skeptics think these teachings are naïve. Of course, they are if we read them and think we can apply them directly. What reiki teaches us is that we need to integrate these principles, apply them every day, thank and honor each day the life and the sacred being that we are.

Protection, reiki and sacred rays – a magnificent trio

Protection through the sacred rays of Reiki is possible, it requires extraordinary work on oneself, which will move away from the frustrations of material life to feed on spirituality.

This protection exists in you, you just have to develop it.

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