Massage and Reiki: the touch-energy

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The Touch-Energy allows to enter a state of relaxation. Massage takes a holistic dimension that goes beyond the physical body and touches the Being.

This combination treats the nodes of the body and the soul in their entirety. Reiki is a very good complement to the massage for both the recipient and the practitioner. There is something more happening. It is as if the massage continues in depth, that the action takes place in a more comprehensive and complete way. After the session, the benefits are lasting. The person is at a time, relaxed and recharged with energy. The one who is used to being massaged without Reiki, will immediately feel a difference. The energy is palpable.

The Touch-Energy for the one who receives the session

Beyond well-being and deep relaxation, Reiki allows, as part of the massage, to work on different levels. The simple massage of the physical body becomes a global and subtle touch of all energetic bodies. The use of Reiki massage is an asset for people stressed, lacking anchorage, and need to reconnect to their bodies. By the imposition of hands and the activation of specific Reiki symbols, it is possible to promote anchoring. This will bring more balance to the person and promote the management of emotions.

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