INITIATE REIKI – a technique for everyone

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Reiki is for everyone, regardless of age, culture, political, social or religious affiliation, and regardless of health status

Each of us are able to receive REIKI energy, each of us are able to use REIKI through the energy awareness protocol that is initiation. REIKI cannot be learned, it is transmitted.

REIKI is not a religion, nor a sect; it is not necessary to believe in something or someone to receive, learn or practice it. Spirituality in REIKI does not imply any dogma, ritual or belief, each one lives it by itself in its daily life by the practice of meditation, the respect of the 5 principles and the practice of energetic techniques. Despite the fact that references and symbols related to Buddhism and Shintoism can be found in REIKI, it is not a religion.

REIKI comes in addition to medical treatment but it does not replace a doctor’s consultation or the prescribed medications. With REIKI the effectiveness of the drugs will be strengthened while decreasing the undesirable effects.

One can choose to devote part of one’s life to the teaching and practice of REIKI and to become a Master Professional Teacher.


The ability to practice REIKI can only be passed on by a Reiki Master. The term Reiki Master is actually the translation of the English “Master” meaning: trainer, teacher. A Reiki Master is a teacher, he has no special or magical power, he transmits a teaching he himself has received. Training at different levels or degrees of REIKI does not consist of a traditional teaching of the academic or technical type, but a series of ritualised initiations transmitted by the Master teacher. The initiation process allows students to become a REIKI practitioner or teacher.

The teacher transmits a Reiju (initiation) which allows the student to channel the REIKI energy, to be able to use it immediately and to be able to restore it.

The Master plays the role of intermediary and the fusion between the REI, energy of the Universe and the KI, vital energy of the receiver, takes place.

Once initiated, the ability to use REIKI energy is acquired for the rest of your life. The more you use REIKI, the more powerful it becomes.

There are 3 levels of learning (degrees) of REIKI practice, plus the level of Master Teacher.


The treatments of REIKI allow you to intervene on all types of dysfunctions: physical, psychic and spiritual. The duration of a complete treatment is 45 minutes minimum.

A REIKI session is an extremely pleasant moment, as the receiver relaxes and finds himself in a state of deep relaxation. After a session, the energy continues its work, the effects and the feeling of well-being continue for a while.

REIKI can help people who have health problems by regenerating them, reducing their physical or moral suffering. REIKI will stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This method of care is complementary to traditional medicine, it does not replace it.

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