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Reiki Healing – What is It?

To put it simply Reiki healing is a technique for removing energy from an individual’s body using only the hands. It’s not a form of massage, in that there’s kneading or squeezing of the muscles. It is a healing process where the Reiki therapist places their hands upon the patient’s body till the energy is felt leaving them. This whole process can take a matter of minutes or a longer period of time. There’s no fixed time for exactly how long it ought to take to remove energy from specified areas of the body.

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Reiki Can be Life Changing

The experience of Reiki changes your outlook on life, in that it gives you the means to be at one with mother nature. You’ll never have experienced the sort of contentment that Reiki offers. Your mind and body will be harmonized with everything that surrounds you. For once in your entire life, you’ll feel that you are a significant part of the world, and not only in it. Each single facet of your way of life will change. You can expect to think of yourself as being part of the bigger picture and not merely a character in it. All these things are possible if you immerse yourself in the peacefulness and contentment which Reiki promises.

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