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Our reiki sessions together will constantly concentrate on exactly what you most want out of life. As we are dealing with consciousness, its truly important you become clear on exactly what it is you want to produce in your life. We’ll start all our sessions with a conversation about exactly what’s essential to you then take a look at how we help you ensure it becomes your truth. This is truly important specifically in London where my customers work so much on their careers and lives and often feel like they are trapped in cycles that seems to be really hard to change.

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Reiki Healing for Physical Afflictions

You’ll find that there are many physical conditions that can be cured through the use of Reiki treatment. The Reiki practitioner’s ability to focus on the area of the problem is the rationale for this. When using conventional medicine, it is not normally possible to have a laser-like focus on a sufferer’s afflictions. Reiki treatment to the contrary, makes it possible for a therapist to tackle the specific issues that a sufferer is coping with. That could be the reason why lots of patients opt to merge conventional medical remedies with Reiki therapy.

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